Lafarge Cormet™ Acoustic Floor

Lafarge Cormet™ Acoustic Floor is designed as a separating floor between and within dwellings and can be used with Lafarge Wall Lining and partition systems. The system is intended for conversion and improvement work eg. converting houses into flats.

  • Conversion and improvement work
  • Particularly for remedial treatment of existing floors

Cormet Acoustic Flooring

Floor: Cormet Acoustic Floor system using 18mm plywood/tongue and groove chipboard or oriented strand board with salvaged, re-used or
new 22mm square edge softwood floorboards laid on top if required.
Insert an additional layer of 15mm Lafarge Firecheck wallboard inside
the cavity to form a bridge and to protect sides of joist.

Joists: 50 x 200mm at 450mm centres

Insulation: 100mm glass mineral wool density 10.5kg/m3

Ceiling: existing lath and plaster

Everything for Metal Partitions

Cormet Partitions are suitable for domestic and general commercial use. They are strong high performance systems which are:

  • Cost effective
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Able to achieve high levels of fire resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation

Cormet Sound Resistant Partitions, Non Loadbearing

Studs: 50mm width at 600mm centres

Facings: one layer 12.5mm Lafarge dBcheck wallboard both sides

Insulation: 25mm glass mineral wool density 19.5kg/m3

Acoustic rating: Rw 44 dB