Light Tunnel SLT

The SLT light tunnel is a relatively new product in Fakro’s range, having been designed to supply dark or windowless interiors with natural light. The installation of light tunnels makes it possible to illuminate any room in a building, even the basement. Interiors which would otherwise rely on artificial lighting need no longer provide an endless drain on electricity, while the natural light provided by the SLT light tunnel transforms interiors and enhances user comfort. Light captured by the SLT’s roof dome is conveyed to a ceiling diffuser by means of flexible, mirror-faced ducting. The ceiling diffuser is unobtrusive and so two or more may be used in larger rooms or corridors to provide even illumination. The light tunnel may also be used at night, through use of an electric light kit.


  • The SLT Light tunnel consists of the following parts: dome, flashing, light transmitting ducting, prismatic and transparent diffuser and ceiling frame
  • Flexible 3m light transmitting ducting allows easy fitting around any obstacles in the roof space, thereby reducing installation cost and time
  • Specially prepared flashings guarantee tightness and ease of fitting
  • Light tunnels are suitable for roofs with pitches between 15 – 60° or for flat roofs (available to order)
  • There are two types of flashings available; for flat and profiled roofing materials
  • Light tunnels are covered by seven-year warranty

Supplied with auxiliary electric light as standard on SLT Plus.