Actis – TRISO-SUPER 10 insulation for roofs


Works efficiently in summer as well as in winter:

In winter the heat is reflected back inside, in the summer the product prevents the overheating of attic rooms.

  • Saves living space thanks to the thinness of the product (30mm).
  • Quick and easy installation: can be cut to size with scissors or an ACTIS cutter and fixed with staples.
  • Flexible: it is suitable for use on any surface type and can be moulded over any shape.
  • Durable: it does not sag away from fixings and is moisture resistant.
  • Clean and free from irritant fibres.
  • Two in one: insulation and airtightness.
  • Enables period features, such as exposed beams, to be preserved.

TRISO-SUPER 10 Applications:

  • Over and under rafters
  • 19 components
  • Thickness: 30mm
  • Packaging: 10m2 and 20m2 rolls

Specific Benefits:

TRISO-SUPER 10 has been tested under real conditions by TRADA Technology Ltd. and certified as equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool when installed in a pitched roof application by BM TRADA Certification Ltd. (Certificate no. BIPS-0102 dated 03 April 2009).