Buildbase Breathable Membrane for Tiled and Slated Pitched Roofs

Buildbase Breather Membrane is a BBA certified, cost effective breather membrane, which combines optimum performance,
ease of application and value for money. It is designed for use as a fully supported or unsupported underlay in tiled or slated pitched roofs. It is equally suitable for application in both warm non-ventilated and cold ventilated roofs.

Buildbase Breather Membrane allows the escape of water vapour from within the roof structure whilst protecting against wind driven rain, snow and dust, which may penetrate the main roof waterproofing, providing a permanent quality breather underlay, which will last the life of the roof construction.

Buildbase High Performance Breather Membrane remains flexible and easy to handle even at low temperatures allowing
installation to be carried out in all conditions normal for roof work.

For added security against wind driven rain, snow and dust, and to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the roof construction by reducing unwanted air movement, a suitable jointing tape should be used to seal all lap joints, pipe penetrations and perimeter details.

Features and Benefits

  • For use under tiled or slated pitched roofs
  • Warm or cold roof application (ventilated or unventilated void)
  • Allows escape of moisture vapour
  • UV Stable (3 months exposure)
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • Printed with “Easy-Cut” lap lines
  • Multipurpose, lightweight and flexible
  • BBA Approved – Certificate No. 07/4457

Product Information

  • Roll Weight 5.6kg
  • Weight g/m2 112
  • Roll Dimensions 50m x 1m and 50m x 1.5m